Certify Network was formed to provide risk management and compliance services to the Australian construction industry by enabling contractors to securely connect and share information with each other over the Internet.

Management team

Company directors Davis and Norelle Blumentals have many years of business management experience in the information technology industry specialising in the development and implementation of risk management and compliance solutions.


The project driven construction industry struggles to improve the safety and compliance culture of principal contractors, subcontractors and their workers.

After years of experience providing online work health and safety compliance services to large and small builders and to thousands of their contractors, we have developed a risk-based approach to managing compliance. It's a new approach that's gaining acceptance from contractors and improving outcomes for a growing number of builders.

And to promote behavioural safety at the workplace we developed the Certify Onsite mobile app that supports online inductions, site risk assessments, incident reporting and more.


The Certify Network is built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology platform for managing customer relationships with compliance documents stored securely in the SharePoint document management system. The Certify Onsite app is built on the Ionic framework and uses the Microsoft Azure platform to deliver the mobile tools and information resources needed for workplace safety.