• Cheryl Bellette

Builders can't always be on site!

As principal contractor, your duty is to ensure that all construction work is carried out safely, even though you can’t always be onsite.  At a minimum, you should have checked that:

1. Safety management plans have been communicated to workers.

2. Workers have white cards.

3. Subcontractors have current SWMS signed by each worker.

4. High risk trade work is supervised.

We understand that getting subcontractors to provide supporting documents is a problem because paperwork soon gets out of date but only the subcontractor really knows who is working onsite and if they are fully trained.

The Certify Network provides visibility and control. And the Certify Onsite app automatically notifies you when hazards are identified.

Please call me on 0418 490 519 if you want to try the app.

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