For contractors

The Certify Network provides contractors in the building industry with the tools and support they need to effectively manage workplace health and safety, and to share their business records with builders.

The free subscription includes using the Certify Onsite mobile app for online inductions, site risk assessments, incident reporting, safety data sheets and site safety inspections.  Contractors can upgrade to a paid subscription to have their compliance records independently certified.

For builders

The Certify Network provides builders with an effective, risk-based approach to managing subcontractor risk that is based on the ISO 45001 International Standard for Occupational health and safety management systems.

Builders who use contractors on the Certify Network can access their compliance records as a web page linked to supporting documents.  A service agreement enables the builder to connect with contractors for visibility and control including access to their online inductions, site risk assessments and other compliance records.

Improving workplace safety

By connecting builders and contractors, the Certify Network removes the burden of paperwork and automates the sharing of information.  Back office compliance functions are replaced by workplace tasks that deliver training, identify safety hazards and notify responsible stakeholders.

Privacy and confidentiality

Connections between builders and contractors are created by invitation and acceptance.  Confidentiality is ensured by the option for the builder or contractor to revoke and reinstate access permission at any time.