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Construction Industry Solution

Certify Network maintains a database connecting builders, contractors and workers in the construction industry through the Onsite app. This network enables seamless communication and collaboration on residential and commercial construction projects.


The Onsite app provides all the functions required on a construction site, from contractor prequalification and SWMS management, worker inductions to recording site attendance and participation at safety meetings.


For the builder, the Onsite app implements the most cost-effective, digital safety system. For the contractor, the Onsite app maintains compliance and safety records that are readily shared with other builders. For the worker, the Onsite app records site attendance, provides safety alerts and promotes workplace safety.

Prequalified Contractors

Employing qualified contractors is critical to the success of a construction project. Only contractors who meet your health and safety, insurance, financial and legal standards qualify to be awarded new business.

If you are still sending emails, filing documents, and using spreadsheets to track compliance, we can save you time and money by automating the process of prequalifying your contractors, and by monitoring their compliance with your requirements.

Certify Network doesn’t take a one size fits all approach. Instead, we customise compliance and business rules to meet your unique business needs.

Subcontract Agreements

We customise an online subcontract agreement to establish your contractual relationship with subcontractors to include your terms and conditions, compliance requirements, site rules and directions, and your company policy.


Terms and conditions can come from your existing agreement or from our standard period subcontract agreement. Compliance and business rules are customised to your business requirements.


A contractor must upload supporting documents before they can sign the online agreement. The Certify Network compliance team then certifies those documents to ensure the contractor is fully compliant before work orders are issued and work starts.

Safe Work Method Statements

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are the main form of risk control on a construction project. By law, a subcontractor must provide the builder with a SWMS for each project. Generic SWMS that are used for high risk construction work activities that are carried on a regular basis e.g. residential construction projects, may be accepted by the builder.

The Onsite app enables the builder to make an online request for a subcontractor to provide a generic or project-specific SWMS. The SWMS are automatically validated before they can be submitted to the construction team for approval. Once approved, the subcontractor uses the Onsite app to manage the process of getting their workers to complete online inductions. The Onsite app ensures all workers have read and understood approved SWMS and the builder’s safety management plan.

Site Inductions

An online site induction is the most effective way to communicate site details, site safety rules and company policies to subcontractors and their workers. It automatically records personal details that may be required in case there is an incident. Workers with a language difficulty can be identified and receive special supervision.


The site induction also ensures that all workers have read and understood the SWMS approved by your construction team. The Onsite app issues a site induction number that can be used on a hard hat sticker if required.


Site inductions are customised to meet the compliance and safety requirements of each project. Workers complete online questionnaires and checklists to ensure that they have read and understand the contractor's SWMS and the builder's safety management plan.

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Site Safety

The Onsite app maintains a contractor compliance register that may include both generic and project-specific SWMS approved by your construction team. All workers have completed a site induction that is linked to an approved SWMS. Site inductions may also require approval by the construction team on some projects.

Workers and site visitors with approved site inductions use the Onsite app to scan a QR code on site safety signage before entering a site. Any message of the day must be acknowledged, and a safety checklist completed before signing in. The Onsite app is also used to scan a QR code to record attendance at prestart meetings and toolbox talks.

The construction team and site supervisors also use the Onsite app to conduct site safety inspections and checklists relating to permits, registrations, certificates, and other records that may be required on a project. The Onsite app automatically issues non-compliance notices and defect notices when required, making it easy to monitor site safety and quality control issues.

Onsite App

Builders, contractors, and workers who are registered on the Certify Network database have unlimited free use of the Onsite app to connect and communicate with other builders on other projects. The Onsite app functions that are available, and the information that can be accessed are determined by the role and permissions that have been assigned to a user by a system administrator.


Easily access the Onsite app via using your desktop computer or mobile device. It can also be accessed by scanning the QR code on the site signage of a Certify Network project. For easy access on your mobile phone, use the Add to home screen function, available on Safari for iPhone.

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