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Unlimited support, users and data

Principal contractors, subcontractors and workers use our Onsite app on desktop and mobile devices to access Certify Network free of charge.

Implementation fees

The Certify Network system is customised to meet the needs of each principal contractor and each project.  We conduct a requirements analysis to produce an agreed implementation plan that includes development of web forms including:


  • Compliance rules

  • Subcontract agreement

  • Company induction

  • Project checklists

  • Site inductions

  • Site inspections


A fixed implementation fee is based on the scope of work and includes a quarterly business review in the first year.


Service fees

Principal contractors pay a monthly account service fee based on agreed service levels. There is also a monthly compliance service fee of $3 per active contractor.  The monthly site service fee is based on the average number of site sign ins each day.

Up to 25             $25 month
Up to 50             $45 month

Up to 150           $85 month


Project fees

Principal contractors pay an agreed monthly project fee for each site that uses the project management features of the Onsite app to manage projects, contractors and construction site safety.

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